We are interested in the maximum distribution of the game across the world. Of course, we are interested in an income from game sales. Therefore, we developed a simple model for you, as a game publisher, which you can use to earn your first $10,000. We can wait a little.

What you get:

  • By registering on our website, you receive the right to produce up to 5,000 copies in your country’s language and distribute them on your indicated territory.
  • You get our brand marketing material, and you can use our game design or create your own design.
  • You get constant support throughout the process of creating the game’s edition.
  • You get a link to our resources for your project.
  • You have the right to organize game competitions on our behalf.
  • You have no financial obligations regarding the game’s edition and production timelines.

What we get:

  • New fans of our game in your country.
  • You give us the right to use your version’s design for circulation in other languages.
  • You use our trademarks and credits on the game’s packaging.

Complete the form and receive a non-exclusive license