Additional features of the game

Just like in wildlife, a situation may arise in the game field where it is beneficial for a team to move not one chip, but a group of chips. In this case, the movement rule remains – chips move vertically or horizontally. Groups of 2, 3, or 4 chips move as shown in figure 8.

Recreate this picture in the game field (without a caption in the picture)

We recommend introducing this operation when players already have enough experience in the game. It will be enough to add one operation “migration” to the list of operations of one turn.

An amazing feature of CTOR is that you can play alone. In this case, you can test your brain hemispheres, or train them.

Hemisphere testing
In order to understand which hemisphere is developed more (right or left one) you need to use an hourglass. Let the right hemisphere play for blacks and the left for whites. Play 5 games with 5 seconds for blacks and 30 seconds for whites. In this case, the operation “replacement” can be carried out without taking into account the time, after the time period (5 or 30 seconds) for turn. As a result, you will get a score, for example, blacks won 3 times, and whites won 2 times. This means that your right hemisphere that has played for blacks is better developed.

Hemisphere training
If your right hemisphere responsible for creative thinking is developed more, you may want to develop the left one and your logical thinking. In this case, you can play with a time of 60 seconds per turn for the left hemisphere (whites), and gradually reduce this time to 30 seconds. And vice versa, if your left hemisphere is more developed, give it 30 seconds per turn; and for the right, start with 20 seconds and reduce the time to 5 seconds per turn.

Use the clock to count the time allotted for one turn of the team. This can be done in two ways.

Set time for a turn
Set time (30-60 sec) for one turn; all operations of the given turn must be carried out during this period.

Set time for an operation
You can set time for each individual operation. The time for operations may differ, for example, 5 seconds for setting, 10 seconds for moving, 15 seconds for landing. If the player(s) fail to announce the field coordinate for this operation within the given period, they skip it. If the coordinate is announced, they complete the operation.

A unique feature of CTOR is control over the time taken for each turn. CTOR Premium 2018 edition includes a special hourglass with 5, 10, 15, 30 second intervals. Combine them to get various time intervals and control individual turns.