We are interested in the maximum distribution of the game across the world.

At this stage of promoting the game to the global market, we are ready to provide non-exclusive licenses to any organizations ready to publish the board game CTOR or TORUS  in the territory limited by their license.

What you get:

  • By registering on our website, you receive the right to produce up to 5000 copies in your country’s language and distribute them on your indicated territory. After successfully selling the first 5,000 copies, we can offer you exclusive rights based on a royalty-free license agreement.
  • You get our brand marketing material and can use our game design or create your own design.
  • You get constant support throughout the process of creating the game’s edition.
  • You get a link to our resources for your project.
  • You have the right to organize game competitions on our behalf.
  • You have no financial obligations regarding the game’s edition and production timelines.

What we get:

  • New fans of our game in your country.
  • You give us the right to use your version’s design for circulation in other languages.
  • You use our trademarks and credits on the game’s packaging.

Complete the form and receive a license for production or membership in IFC

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